4 Tips for Improving Your Employer Branding Strategy in 2021

  • February 19, 2021

It’s a new year, and it’s time to evaluate your branding! A lot has changed in the past 12 months and many employers are assessing how these changes have impacted the way consumers choose to interact with businesses. Your brand is the “face” you show the world, and it’s important that it’s fresh, relevant, and enticing to your market 

How to update your brand strategy

The first quarter is as good a time as any to get started on changes you’ll make during the year. Consider the following as you decide how to refine your branding: 

  1. Evaluate what you’ve got. What’s working and what isn’t? Which of your efforts are resonating with your audience? What do your employees think? Your branding and exterior image should match with your mission and vision. Conduct internal employee surveys and external customer surveys to get thoughts and feedback. 
  2. Add social proof. The words of happy (or unhappy) customers go a long way for converting potential buyers. Think about it: how often do you click on that little row of stars to learn more before you make a purchase? Social proof is huge and has a big impact on your brand. Collect testimonials, success stories and positive feedback. Then, share it in prominent places on your website and in your marketing materials.  
  3. Think digital. Now more than ever before, the world is demanding digital interface with companies. With fewer in-person interactions, companies need to be creative about using digital to support their brand. Add a more personal touch to your website with photos of and video insight from real employees. Share sales messages with introductory videos embedded in emails. Consider hosting webinars or virtual events featuring your own SMEs. The digital space offers plenty of room for creativity—how can you use digital to boost your brand?  
  4. Appoint company ambassadors. Building your brand takes the ideas of many. When your employees share what makes you great (on your social channels, in virtual client meetings, etc.), it says more than a boilerplate message. Plus, your team of brand ambassadors will have a wider range of ideas for how to enhance your brand in the marketplace. Choose individuals from multiple levels and departments throughout the company.  

Your brand impacts your hiring efforts

Top employees want to work for top brands. It’s that simple! When working on your brand strategy this year, you can significantly enhance your recruiting and hiring efforts.  

It also helps to work with a staffing expert! And Tri-Starr Group can help. To learn more about the staffing services we offer, contact us today!  

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