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General & Administrative

At Tri-Starr we combine the latest AI technology with our certified and specialized recruiters to match you with that job you are looking for. We quickly match your skills, experience, and attributes with the available job opportunities in the General and Administrative fields. These are core positions required by most organizations to keep business operations running.

AI technology will never replace the personal human element of our recruiters, but it is an amazing productivity tool that dramatically speeds up and fast tracks qualified candidates through our job matching process. This shortens the time it takes to get you hired.

Some of the General and Administrative fields we hire for:

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Call Center Operations
  • Data Analyst
  • Human Resources
  • Office Managers
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At Tri-Starr, we get to know you as an individual. Through one-on-one conversations, we will work with you to identify your career goals and open the door to opportunities that match your skill set. We equip you with the tools to earn a job. Unlike job boards and job matching software, we advocate for you, serving as your trusted career advisor and creating a less stressful job search experience for you. We want you to thrive personally and professionally.

When you submit your resume or complete our application process, it will be reviewed in detail by one of our recruiters. If your experience and credentials are a good match for the positions that we have available, a recruiter that specializes in the General and Administrative field will contact you.

We offer job and career placements at all levels with many organizations, and we are very confident that we can find the right job for you.  Our goal is to help you find your dream job and get you hired as quickly as possible!  We work for you. No excuses.

we work for you.

we want you to thrive personally and professionally.

Through in-depth research and one on one coaching, we identify your strengths and match them with positions that allow you to thrive.

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