Learn How to Find a Career Mentor and Make the Most of the Relationship

  • February 12, 2021

If you want to get ahead and be more satisfied with your career, a mentor is the way to go. A career mentor can help you learn more about steps to take to help you reach your goals. It’s a valuable relationship that can give you firsthand knowledge of your field from someone who’s been there, done that 

Choosing the right type of mentor

You’ll get the most from the relationship when you choose the right mentor for you. In general, the right choice is someone who is a level or two above you and who has a few more years with the company. Be careful not to choose someone too far above you, as this type of person may be less familiar with the day-to-day you’re currently experiencing. Remember, you want to learn about steps you can take right now in your career, rather than those you can focus on years down the road.  

Know what you want to learn

Before you choose your mentor, it’s critical to know what you want from the relationship. Are you looking to learn a specific skill, understand the best way to grow into a management role, gain advice for leading others, or something else? The more you can verbalize what you want, the easier a time you’ll find someone to fulfill this need. Remember: the mentor you choose is not the only one you’ll ever have. In fact, you may have many mentors throughout your life to help you as your career path shifts and changes 

Initiate a conversation

If the mentor you choose is someone you know, ask for a phone or video call. Then, talk to them about what you want to do as the next step in your career. Ask them for advice. If what they’re telling you seems to fit, ask if they would be comfortable being your career mentor. Set up a plan for how often you’ll talk and the mentorship’s end goal (i.e., where you would like it to lead) 

If your chosen mentor is someone you don’t already know, ask for an introduction from a connection you have in common. Then, schedule the phone or video call.  

Follow their advice

You can build the best relationship with your mentor when you follow their advice. If they suggest you read a book or take a course, do that and report back when you’ve finished.  

Say thanks

Probably the best way to get along professionally with your mentor is through common courtesy. Always thank them for their time and guidance.   

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