How to Improve the Relationship Between Managers and Employees

  • February 26, 2021

In your workplace, positive attitudes are everything. They help your employees get along, they build your corporate culture, and they allow everyone to feel they’re in a safe space to ideate, learn and grow. This positive energy is fostered by the relationships between all employees, especially between employees and their managers. 

The impact of managers

Your managers have a direct influence on the quality of work-life for employees. They’re the people setting rules, upholding deadlines, monitoring performance, training, explaining, and retaining. If there’s a breakdown between an employee/manager relationship, negativity and job dissatisfaction are sure to follow. 

Help your managers lead

With a few important steps, managers can help employees feel valued and happy, leading to productivity. Here’s how: 

  • Champion teamwork. Employees need to understand we’re all in this together. The work of all contributes to a common goal, which is helping the company succeed. Managers should communicate this message by encouraging collaboration and idea-sharing from all. They should avoid a competitive environment where employees strive for personal advancement—and not much else 
  • Inspire through culture. The best company environments are those that take care of employees and offer a fun, supportive place to work. This includes learning opportunities (seminars, courses, training programs, mentorship, etc.), company-branded swag, reimbursement for wellness memberships, bonuses, profit sharing, adequate PTO, flexible scheduling, etc. Your managers are a big part of creating this environment and keeping employees informed of everything that’s available to them (even when many are currently working remote).  
  • Poll the audience. How do employees feel about where they work? Your managers should be meeting with their staff regularly to review performance, gather feedback, provide guidance, answer questions, and more. Regular communication is perhaps the best way for managers to maintain a good relationship with employees.  
  • Resolve conflicts immediately. Though different personalities may clash, we all need to work together. If a conflict arises, get more information and choose a resolution both parties can agree to. Conduct diversity training to remind your workers that we all must work together for a stronger end product. Your managers should reflect this message in their day-to-day interactions with staff.  

Let your staffing partner help

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