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connecting you to
your future.

We Are Your career experts.

When making the decision to change jobs or careers, or to enter or re-enter the workforce, the process can become overwhelming.  Where do you start?  What’s the best first step? At Tri-Starr Talent we believe in creating strong partnerships. We work for you.

When you choose Tri-Starr Talent you are more than just a candidate. We get to know you as an individual. Through one-on-one conversations, we will work with you to identify your career goals and open the door to opportunities that match your skill set. We equip you with the tools to earn a job. Unlike job boards and job matching software, we advocate for you, serving as your trusted advisor. We want you to thrive personally and professionally.

When you submit your resume or complete our application process, it will be reviewed in detail by one of our recruiters. If your experience and credentials are a good match for the positions we have available, a recruiter that specializes in working with your experience and skills will contact you. Our goal is to help you find your dream job. No excuses.

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Discover Your Worth

Do you know what your market value is? Your monetary value to a company is based on several things; your skill set, your experience, your education and qualifications, your geographical location, and the size of the hiring company, and more.

Most job seekers are unaware of their monetary value and don’t know how to find out. At Tri-Starr Talent, we focus time and energy with you from our very first conversation to maximize your potential in achieving your financial and career goals.

How and Why Our Process Works

  1. Submit Your Info – Simply upload your resume, provide contact information, or select a specific job opening and fill out an application,
  2. Discovery Call – Your designated recruiter will call you to discover your work history and experience and set specific goals for your career path. This creates the foundation for how Tri-Starr will help you reach your highest potential and is the beginning of our partnership.
  3. Finding the Right Match – Once we understand your experience and career goals, we collaborate to seek out the best career opportunities that match your goals and desires. This is an in-depth discovery and may take some time.
  4. Presenting You – After determining the ideal career opportunities for you, we perfect your resume and forward it to the hiring teams of our employer partners.
  5. Hiring Process – Tri-Starr will be your representative throughout each step of the hiring process (interviews, assessments, etc.). We will negotiate on your behalf and serve as the communicator between you and the employer. We will advocate for you and your career goals, communicate and clarify exactly your needs, and work to resolve any issues or concerns you have.

We Work for you.

we want you to thrive personally and professionally.

Through in-depth research and one on one coaching, we identify your strengths and match them with positions that allow you to thrive.

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