Employee Recognition Should Always Be a Top Priority

  • April 23, 2021

How often do you let your employees know you appreciate them? Recognition and gratitude are important in a leader, especially if you want to earn your workers’ trust and loyalty. That’s why employee recognition should be something that happens regularly, and it all starts with you! 

Inspire hard work

Did you know that simply saying thanks helps to motivate your workers? It’s true. When they know their hard work is being noticed, it’s an incentive to keep it up. And not just that, employees who are appreciated are also more likely to be happy at work. It sounds like a win-win!  

It’s easy to recognize your employees, too. Simply saying thanks in person or sending an email goes a long way. You might also decide to reward them with a team lunch, special snack, or even just coffee. For work-at-home employees, maybe you send them a gift card to Starbucks or Panera to treat themselves. Unexpected perks to say thanks help employees love where they work.  

Build loyalty

Appreciated employees will, in turn, appreciate you as their leader. It all starts somewhere! When you show gratitude for a job well done, it helps your employees like working for you. And that builds loyalty to the company, a stronger corporate culture, and mutual trust. Always show your thanks.  

Encourage longevity

Happy employees who like where they work will stick around. It makes sense, right? You can gain a workforce of people who have knowledge of company history, plus skills and experience they’ve built from years on the job with your company. That’s never a bad thing. You’ll be able to promote from within, too—making training a lot faster and easier. And you can save on the cost of employee turnover… all from showing your employee appreciation!  

Why not start now?

It’s easy! Keep your eyes open for someone who is working hard, meeting deadlines, coming up with great ideas, and showing excellent teamwork. And then, say thank you. Your gratitude will go a long way! 

Looking to staff up?

Just contact Tri-Starr Group. To learn more about our available staffing services and how we can help you round out your workforce, reach out today!  

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