Learn How to Set Yourself Apart in a Job Interview

  • April 16, 2021

An interview is your time to shine! Whether you’ll be interviewing via video or in person, you want to make a good impression that sticks with the interviewer. You’re probably up against other applicants, and the more you can show you’re uniquely qualified for the job, the better.  

Be confident 

Sure, this can be tricky because most people are feeling anything but confident during an interview. But confidence shows you believe in yourself and your skills—and that’s important to any interviewer. So what’s the best way to be confident during an interview? That’s easy! Be prepared. Practice common interview questions and answers, arrive a little early (by mapping out your route beforehand or—if it’s a video interview—checking your equipment ahead of time), dressing the part, and remembering to smile. And the last resort for overcoming interview jitters is just pretending you’re not nervous.  

Know what you want to talk about

Interview preparation also involves a few important steps: 

  • Learning about the company. 
  • Learning about the role. 
  • Learning about the interviewer. 
  • Preparing questions you want to know more about. 

Do your homework by googling the company, visiting their website, and read their press releases. Learn what they value and what they’re up to. Review the job description from top to bottom and be ready to explain how you can help fulfill their top required qualifications. Google the person who will be interviewing you to see if you have anything in common—and talk about those topics as an ice breaker during the interview. And finally, be ready with 3-5 questions you’d like to know more about 

Share data

You can say anything about your work history, but numbers make it clear what you’ve accomplished. Whenever you can share data, do it. This could be sales revenue, patients treated, projects completed, open rates, engagement rates, dollars saved… anything that helps explain how hard you worked. 

Talk about hobbies (briefly)

Talking about your interests outside of work helps an interviewer get to know the real you. Obviously, you’re not just about work, and your hobbies help an interviewer understand more clearly what you’re all about. Do you compete in 5ks, enjoy cooking healthy meals, volunteer, rescue animals, play sports, read, or something else? Talk about it, if only briefly. Bonus points if you have a similar interest to the interviewer—this is a great way to connect and stay memorable 

Ready for your interview?

We can help! Reach out to Tri-Starr Group today to learn about how we can help you find your next job.  

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