Why Staffing Agency Jobs Are in the Highest Demand in History

  • November 16, 2020
Why Staffing Agency Jobs Are in the Highest Demand in History - tri-starr talent

Temporary staffing agency jobs accounted for over 2 percent of U.S. employment last year. While this is already a significant contribution to the American economy, it doesn’t stop there. According to a report released by Staffing Industry Analysts, the U.S. temporary staffing industry is on track to grow 5% and reach $121 billion, an all-time high, in 2016. This report serves as a valid benchmark for the staffing industry as a whole.

Staffing Agency Jobs

Why Now?

In the past, staffing agency jobs were commonly associated with light industrial and clerical positions. But changes in the economy have spurred growth that has been trending since 2010. As more of the temporary positions evolved to be high-wage, high-skilled jobs, the conventional image no longer proves to be an accurate representation of the industry. The U.S. Staffing Industry Forecast predicted that IT, finance/accounting and marketing/creative skill segments would increase by 7%, and education would increase by 15% in 2015. Temporary workers are now not only prevalent in today’s society, but also vital to Fortune 500 companies. Some companies will even delegate entire corporate departments to a staffing agency, causing the staffing industry to soar. According to Marketplace, nearly 16 million Americans held staffing agency jobs just last year, translating to roughly $120 billion in revenue.

Reaping The Benefits

Companies and temporary workers mutually benefit from temporary labor. As the market and demand fluctuate, companies are able to easily adjust their staff accordingly. This flexibility also allows companies to launch new projects and take on more tasks without raising their employee headcount. Temporary worker benefits are handled directly by the staffing agency. This ensures that a knowledgeable and certified expert on employment laws and regulations is easily accessible to the worker. With the transition in temporary job skill sets, staffing agency jobs are now open to higher pay rates. In 2015, over half of industry revenue came from temporary workers in professional skill sets. Interested in learning more or seeking a temporary job? Call us today at (210) 308-9911 or inquire online to reach a Tri-Starr Client Service Specialist.

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