What IT Staffing Companies Have Been Missing

  • October 13, 2020
What IT Staffing Companies Have Been Missing - tri-starr talent

At Tri-Starr Group, we take pride in having recruiting specialists in today’s most in-demand industries and business sectors such as: legal, professional services, call center and customer service, accounting and finance, administrative and clerical, and IT and technical. While our array of industry offerings attracts clients and candidates from multiple backgrounds, we know that experience truly matters, regardless of what industry you are in. This principle is particularly true in the IT and technical sector. Our 28 years of extensive recruiting and staffing experience provides our job candidates and employers with a clear advantage in the highly competitive employment market.

Tri-Starr IT & Technology focuses on each industry individually to ensure our services pair the job seeker and client to our best abilities. Industry expertise is a requirement because the unemployment rate is very low for people in the IT space. It is important to work with an IT staffing company that has a strong network to cut down on time and eliminate guesswork from the hiring process. Tri-Starr IT & Technology is dedicated solely to staffing services and job placement in the IT and technical industry. From the job description to the candidate qualifications, our team understands the unique skills and technical vocabulary needed to find and select the right candidate for an IT position. Our Director of Business Development, Bryan Rider, is a great representation of our expertise in information technology.

Bryan has almost fifteen years of experience in the technology industry. After joining Tri-Starr in 2015 as a staffing consultant, he has been a key factor in developing our technology team. “We understand what technology positions actually require, so you can get the best technology applicants for each business. We have experience with coding, programming language, firmware, and the proper communication details to make the right hiring decisions,” says Bryan.

Tri-Starr finds the IT staffing jobs in highest demand are software engineers, programmers, system engineers, network engineers and administrators, project managers, business analytics, and cyber-security professionals. In a recent study conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts, cyber/data security was among the most challenging IT positions to fill.

Tri-Starr’s approach is unique from other IT staffing companies partly because of the fact we are locally owned. This allows us to customize more to the San Antonio market and have an individualized service. “Our mission is to change people’s lives, and that really guides our actions,” says Bryan. If you are looking a project-based service, temp-to-hire service, or direct-hire service, contact Tri-Starr Personnel, the best of IT staffing companies in San Antonio.

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