Tri-Starr Group – 4 Teams, 1 Common Goal

  • October 8, 2020
Tri-Starr Group – 4 Teams, 1 Common Goal - tri-starr talent

Tri-Starr Group’s mission is to change lives; ours and the people we encounter. To meet that goal, we have organized our company into four divisions that allow our clients and candidates to get individualized help from specialists in their industry and area of need. Tri-Starr Group is the parent company of Tri-Starr Personnel, Tri-Starr Accounting & Finance, Tri-Starr IT & Technology, and TechForce. All divisions are able to take a job or candidate inquiry from start to finish with the same level of customer service and sense of purpose. The branch that we assign to your case depends entirely on your specific needs or skills.

Tri-Starr Personnel

The staffing team for the Tri-Starr Personnel branch works on job placement in a number of professional fields including administrative and clerical,  office, and professional services staffing. You can reach out to the Tri-Starr Personnel staffing team online, over the phone, or connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Tri-Starr Accounting & Finance

The professionals we hire through our Accounting & Finance division have gone through a highly selective recruitment process. We interview all job candidates in person, check their references, and make sure they’re a solid fit for your company culture.

We help qualified candidates find temporary, contract, and direct hire job positions.

Tri-Starr IT & Technology

Being the best IT staffing company means we need to be ready to provide the necessary resources and solutions to get the job done right with highly trained consultants available immediately. This branch of Tri-Starr Group serves as an extension of your HR department to help find the right IT professional for your company.


This division handles job inquiries and candidates in industrial and mechanical industries. Everything from assembly line and warehouse work to HVAC, driving and production falls under the TechForce umbrella. We have one TechForce location serving the San Antonio area and it can be reached through our website or by telephone. TechForce even has their own Facebook page where we engage with our community.

Choosing a Recruitment Specialist

Not sure which division is the best fit for your needs? Contact us and we will connect you with an expert. Many of our clients utilize multiple branches of Tri-Starr Group when they realize they need to fill jobs that require a wide range of skill sets. Our company’s organization allows us to work simultaneously on multiple job requests for our clients without compromising on either candidate search. If you need staffing services in San Antonio, Tri-Starr Group is ready to see how we can change your life, and your employees’ lives, for the better.

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