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  • September 5, 2020
5 Things Employees Want Most From a Job – San Antonio Staffing Company - tri-starr talent

If you think you know what employees want most in a job, you might be surprised. Good pay and benefits are a given, but to foster loyalty and motivation among employees, management must pay attention to what employees want. We interview and work closely with hundreds of job candidates and there are five items that consistently top the list of things employees want most from a job.

Vision. Employees want to know where the company is headed, what the key goals are, and they want to be let in on what the plan is to get there. When interviewing job candidates, you’ve got to be able to paint a picture of what the future of your organization looks like, and what place the prospective employee’s role will have in that future.

Purpose. Employees find the most satisfaction in their jobs when they know what they do is making a difference in the world; no matter how big or how small. Take time to capture customer testimonials and feedback and share it with employees. Show them what a difference they are making in the lives of others.

Innovation. Never forget that every individual in your organization brings with them a fresh perspective, new ideas, goals, and even processes. Employees want to have a voice in the company, and they want the freedom to exercise their unique talents and bring their ideas to life. Of course, every employee should operate within the broad box that defines your organization, but giving employees the opportunity to tap into their strengths and innovate will change the atmosphere of your organization for the better.

Freedom. The 21st century is here, and the virtual workspace is more accessible than ever before. Employees are looking for more balance between work and personal life and are often willing to make other sacrifices (such as a reduced salary) to have the flexibility to work when and where they want. A flexible vacation policy and/or a telecommuting policy can go a long way in helping employees find the balance they are looking for, and in turn, you will likely find that employees are more committed, more creative, and more productive.

Transparency. A successful business is built on trust. Trust between the business and it’s clients or customers, and trust between employees and management. Trust requires transparency. Make open communication a policy within your workplace and encourage transparency that will breed trust and loyalty among employees.

Employees do need compensation to help them provide for themselves and their families, but money isn’t always the bottom line. Offer a compensation and benefits package that allows employees to rest assured their families will be taken care of, but with that must also come vision, purpose, innovation, freedom, and transparency.

If you’re having trouble finding qualified candidates to fill your employment needs, Tri-Starr Group can help. We are a San Antonio staffing company that helps source valuable employees in a variety of fields. Contact us to see how we can help you!

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