Secure a Rewarding Job | Staffing Career in San Antonio

  • November 18, 2020
Secure a Rewarding Job | Staffing Career in San Antonio - tri-starr talent

Why Start a Career in Staffing?

Join an Expanding Industry

According to the American Staffing Association’s latest video, staffing is currently a 147-billion-dollar industry that continues to grow.  Agencies are constantly bringing in new job seekers and companies in need of assistance with their recruitment processes.

This continuous expansion means there are more opportunities for you as a recruiter. Recruitment agencies are great for people who are friendly, self-starters.  Your ambition is the only thing holding you back from being a great recruiter.

What is so unique about joining a staffing agency? Here is our synopsis of what being a part of our San Antonio staffing company is all about.

Be a Part of a Company that Helps Others

On an average day, staffing companies help 3 million people find jobs.  That’s truly incredible. You know the work you are doing every day matters when you are a part of Tri-Starr Group’s team.

Most people have to apply to multiple jobs before they get hired, and even then, the position might not be an ideal match for them.  At Tri-Starr Group, we go above and beyond in our interviewing processes so that both sides, the employer and the employee, are content.  As a staffing agent, you will be able to point job seekers in the right direction.  You can help ease the often daunting and tedious task job seekers face of applying to various job postings. In our digital age, applicants struggle with the question, “Will my resume even be seen?” It is so rewarding when you are able to improve someone’s life by finding them a job.

Give Yourself Multiple Opportunities for Professional Development

Apart from helping others in their pursuit of a job, you will gain the opportunity to pursue a number of professional development paths.

The staffing industry needs individuals in an assortment of of jobs including:

  • Sales & Recruiting
    • Account Management
    • Sales
    • Customer Service
    • Recruiting
  • Management Careers
    • Branch Management
    • Regional Management
    • Senior Management
    • Franchise Ownership
  • Specialized Professional Careers
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Human Resources Information Technology
    • Legal and Compliance
    • Marketing and Communications

At Tri-Starr Group, not only do you have the chance to choose from a wide range of careers, you also get a glimpse of the workplace environments of various businesses.  We collaborate with businesses and individuals in administrative, clerical, finance, IT, legal and professional service divisions.

Our TechForce team focuses specifically on finding skilled workers for industrial and mechanical jobs – whether that be on the assembly line, in the warehouse, on the forklift, or in a number of other temporary or temp-to-hire positions.

Still unsure if a staffing career is right for you? Take American Staffing Association’s Online Course to prepare yourself for a staffing recruiter’s responsibilities. If you prefer hands on experience, we offer an internship program to San Antonio college students.  We are looking for driven and goal-oriented students with degrees in marketing or human relations to join our team.

If you are interested in our internship program or pursuing a meaningful, fast-paced career with room for growth and professional development, contact Tri-Starr Group.

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