Now What? Hiring a San Antonio Staffing Agency

  • October 8, 2020
Now What? Hiring a San Antonio Staffing Agency - tri-starr talent

You’ve just hired a temporary employee through a staffing agency and now you’re wondering, “What comes next?” We want to clear up this question for companies that are interested in hiring a San Antonio staffing agency, by sharing some of our practices and guidelines. Every staffing company is different, but the best staffing agencies want to create a seamless partnership with your team. Make sure your staffing company is invested in providing you with the information necessary to lead you through the processes of on-boarding, orientation, and ultimately the road to retention.

One of the many benefits of partnering with the best San Antonio staffing agency, Tri-Starr Group, is that we understand the importance of keeping the lines of communication clear and open. Any feedback from the client regarding a temporary field associate or vice versa will be promptly provided to the appropriate party for information and clarification. In addition, Tri-Starr Group will supply a temporary field associate with necessary information during their on-boarding process such as:

  • Details of the position
  • Who they will be working for
  • Dress code
  • Company’s do’s and don’ts
  • Company’s culture and personality
  • Short and long term expectations

Employee retention starts from day one, which is why great staffing companies encourage clients to take the steps to make a new employee comfortable with the office culture and job expectations. These steps include but are not limited to:

  • A tour of the office
  • Educating new hires about break times and lunches (including kitchen facilities and etiquette)
  • Creating a buddy system by assigning a new hire to a current employee that will serve as an advisor for general questions (who to go to for what, etc.)
  • Suggesting that the advising employee accompanies the new hire to a welcome lunch

New hires should a have a strong sense of your expectations before they start. Once a job begins, we encourage clients to communicate directly to new hires with updates on any topics pertaining to the job itself such as strategies, assignments and project details. Staffing companies provide support for both direct hires and temp-to-hires, but a staffing agency’s responsibility extends further for temporary or temp-to-hire assignments. When subjects like contract renewals, salary increases etc., arise for a temporary or a temp-to-hire position, the staffing agency should discuss the details with the field associate since they are serving as the official “employer of record”. Many companies decide to offer full time employment to their temporary field associates. When these opportunities arise, the temporary associate becomes a direct-hire and Tri-Starr Group helps transition the employee onto our client’s payroll and HR services.

As your San Antonio staffing agency, Tri-Starr Group will contact a new hire again, at the end of their first week to confirm satisfaction and answer any concerns or questions they may have. Our President, Kandace Hawkins believes: “The staffing company’s role never ends as long as the field associate is on our payroll.” This practice discourages a temporary hire from potentially burdening the client with employee relation issues that should always be handled by the staffing agency. Contact Tri-Starr Group online so we can help you find the best possible fit for your company.

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