More Than Just Numbers: Direct Hire and Executive Recruitment

  • October 13, 2020
More Than Just Numbers: Direct Hire and Executive Recruitment - tri-starr talent

Tri-Starr Group helps pair temporary and permanent placement accounting and finance positions with the right talent. Alfred Perez is Tri-Starr’s Branch Operations Manager for the finance & accounting division at Tri-Starr Group.  Alfred utilizes his expertise as a Recruiter, to fill direct hire, executive search, temporary, and entry level recruitment needs and build relationships with passive candidates who are interested in new challenges. Alfred sat down with us to tell us about staffing challenges for the accounting and finance industry and his approach to direct hire recruitment. He the human element is still pivotal in the career placement process. Yes, technology has made job searching easier, but it is still difficult for candidates to decide which opportunities hold the best potential for advancement. This is where Alfred steps in.

A direct hire and executive recruiter reach out to candidates that companies might not be able to contact alone, including people who are currently employed. Many of the best candidates for mid-level, up to executive level management already have full-time jobs. They don’t have time to search for, or consider new positions themselves, so Alfred makes a point of getting to know their goals, personality and skills so he can act as their champion. Many professional recruiters treat their recruits like numbers chugging along an assembly line, instead of human beings, but not at Tri-Starr Group. Alfred believes that a humanistic, transparent and down-to-earth approach to recruit provides the best results for both the company hiring and their new personnel.

One hundred accounting and finance recruits looking for similar positions in the industry are still all different people. It’s important to match the right opportunities to the right individual, or you will face constant turn-over instead of a successful full-time hire. Tri-Starr Group is capable of filling any finance or accounting void a company may have, by ensuring the best match for the company’s needs and culture. Steven also provided advice for young professionals interested in the accounting and finance industries.

We asked Alfred what companies and candidates should expect from the direct hire process and he said:

“You can always expect follow up from me. If you are a candidate, you will hear from me whether or not I find a good opportunity for you. I don’t want to leave you wondering and I value creating ongoing relationships. After all, the right position might be just around the corner and I want to be able to share it with you.”

Whether you are a company in need, someone looking to enter the industry or an experienced professional, Tri-Starr Group can help you find your niche opportunity. Contact us today if you want the person put back into personnel.

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