Learn Three Tips for How to Show Empathy in the Workplace

  • March 19, 2021

Empathy is a strong leadership skill. It’s the ability to understand the situations of others by imagining yourself in their shoes. It’s slightly different from sympathy (the ability to feel bad for someone without understanding their situation) and a vital ingredient in good leadership.

Why empathy is important

Employers who show empathy are understanding and compassionate toward employees. They’re able to form bonds and build trust with their workers. This helps create a positive and supportive work environment and one where employees thrive (and stick around!). Empathy is a soft skill that helps make your business a place where people want to work.

How can leaders show empathy

There are several ways you can be more empathetic towards your workers:

  1. Help people maintain a healthy work-life balance. No one wants to live, sleep and breathe work. Emotional well-being and a happy life need to balance work life and home life. If you notice signs that an employee is under too much stress from overwork, step in and offer help. Too often, overworked employees get frustrated and burned out—and then leave. You can prevent this by keeping in regular contact with your workers and taking action when someone seems not quite themselves.
  2. Help workers achieve their goals. Everyone has dreams of what they want their career to become. By listening to your employees and talking to them about their goals, you’ll help your people be much better at what they do. You’ll also help your company employ stronger, more talented staff. Offer mentorships, continuing education, and tuition reimbursement as ways your workers can continue learning and building their skills.
  3. Know when someone needs help. Employees’ home situations aren’t always rosy. And when someone is upset in their personal life, it can spill over into their work life. When you keep in regular contact with your workers, you’ll undoubtedly uncover times when people have things going on at home and need someone to talk to. It helps to be an impartial third party and not get too involved. This can be done by offering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for mental health support and counseling when your workers need it.

Build your workforce and help it grow

As a strong, empathetic leader, you’ll help your company build loyalty in the workforce. And loyal employees tend to stick around long-term. They help your business achieve and expand, and this can mean growth.

Add more staff

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