How to Have a Successful Video Interview

  • February 5, 2021

Many employers are relying on video interviews these days. If you’ve been in search of a new job, you’re likely well aware of this shift! But you may also have questions. How is a video interview different from an in-person interview? And what do you need to do to prepare?  

Video interview tips

One thing to remember about video interviews is they aren’t too much different from in-person interviews in two ways: what you’ll be asked and what an employer will expect. You should still review common interview questions and answers, be ready to talk about your skills and experience, and research the company beforehand. None of that has changed. 

What’s different, of course, is your surroundings. And you should be prepared to make your “home office” the right setting for you to be able to focus and do your very best. Here’s how.  

  1. Choose a quiet spot. Location, location, location! If you have the luxury of an office space within your home, be sure to explain to everyone you live with that you’ll need an hour or so to yourself—uninterrupted. Close pets out of the room. If you don’t have an office, choose a quiet room in your house where you’ll be able to focus. If you need to, ask your spouse or a friend or family member to watch children you can’t leave unattended.  
  2. Check your equipment beforehand. Make sure your computer and phone are charged up, and keep power cords close by. Find out what service (for example, Zoom) the employer is using for your interview, and log into it before your interview to be sure you know how it works. Check the camera equipment on your computer to make sure it’s working properly and is enabled to stream video.  
  3. Log in early. Sign into the interview 10-15 minutes early to doublecheck everything is working properly on the big day. If you run into issues, have a back-up plan ready to go. For example, if your computer isn’t working right, be ready to log in to the call with your smartphone or tablet.  
  4. Dress the part. Interviewing from home doesn’t mean casual. You should still plan to wear a suit, shirt, tie, a nice sweater, dress, etc. You may decide to skip formal dress on your lower half (for example, with jeans or shorts), but remember that if for any reason you need to get up, the interviewer could see your full outfit. It’s better to be safe with a complete outfit than risk looking unprofessional 
  5. Have water or coffee with you. There’s nothing that helps calm the nerves quite like a sip of cold water (and a deep breath). Help yourself do your best by keeping water next to your computer. To prevent any spills due to nervous hands, use a water bottle (or travel coffee mug if you decide on a cup of coffee).  

You’ve got this!

The beauty of video interviews is they happen from the comfort of your own home. Being in familiar surroundings can help calm your nerves naturally, so you have an even better chance of being your very best 

Looking for a new job?

If this interview doesn’t work out, no worries! Plenty of other employers are offering remote work. And to find your next job, check out Tri-Starr Group. To learn more, contact us today!  

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