What’s Your ROI? – San Antonio Staffing Agencies

  • October 8, 2020
What’s Your ROI? – San Antonio Staffing Agencies - tri-starr talent

Companies want to see a return on investment for every aspect of their business. This is especially true for staffing, since staff
salaries and benefits are one of the biggest-ticket items for a company. So why pay more by bringing a staffing agency into the mix? San Antonio staffing agencies like Tri-Starr Group may actually save staffing costs, by filling open positions more efficiently and with higher quality candidates. The best agencies have a results-oriented approach based on measurable data.

Staffing Considerations That Effect ROI

You can use an employee cost calculator to figure out what you are paying for your current staff, but how do quantify the time it takes to recruit and fill open positions? Tri-Starr Group developed their Performance Recruiting process to help answer this question. As a starting point, Tri-Starr Group identified five staffing challenges that employers care about most and put together a system for tracking and reporting this information to their clients. The five challenges include:

  • Efficiency – Reduce time-to-fill. Many companies lose good candidates because the hiring process takes too long.
  • Effectiveness – Connect with the right candidates, rather than a lot of candidates.
  • Quality – Receive meaningful communication through every part of the staffing process.
  • Business Impact – Track your new employee’s business impact with regular surveys and reviews.
  • Return on Investment – Use measurable data to clearly see returns and areas of possible improvement.

Truly demonstrating a return on investment from staffing agencies takes the first four challenges into consideration. Was the agency able to shorten the time it takes you to fill a position and find you a satisfactory candidate? Did you see a positive impact in your business through the process? Is your new employee a good fit with your company’s culture and expectations? These are important questions to ask when you are evaluating your staffing services.

Tri-Starr Group wants to create an honest partnership with their clients. Performance Recruiting data can be used with the company’s internal staffing metrics to create a full picture of the staffing process. As a team, Tri-Starr and their clients will work with this data to identify possible areas of improvement and make staffing increasingly profitable for their clients. Want to find a staffing partner that is interested in demonstrating their worth? Contact us online, or give us a call and one of our Client Services Specialists will be happy to discuss your specific needs.


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