News is Stirring About Contractor and Project Based IT Jobs in San Antonio

  • November 18, 2020
News is Stirring About Contractor and Project Based IT Jobs in San Antonio - tri-starr talent

Becoming an IT Contractor is a very rewarding and interesting career path. IT jobs are growing at a rapid pace throughout the US and are predicted to grow 22% through 2020. The IT field is constantly changing and has a wide range of opportunities available, many which are contractor or project based jobs, rather than traditional 9-5 positions. Contractor and Project Based IT jobs are always needed and are very rewarding.

Why San Antonio?

The key to getting steady contract work in the IT industry is developing a network of clients so you always have work ready for you when you need it. Living in a thriving tech city, such as San Antonio and working with the right recruiters can help you find that stability. San Antonio is known for having one of the largest concentrations of IT in the nation and many large technology companies have relocated to this area. The growth of tech corridor and affordable housing is making San Antonio the next great metropolis. Check out some more benefits of being an IT Contractor in San Antonio below.

  1. Flexible Schedule

You get to choose when and where you want to work, who wouldn’t want that? This is a great career choice if you have a busy lifestyle or just want something different than your typical 9-5 job. You can take off as much time as you want in between contracts or easily take work on the go. It’s also good for people who want to work from home and want to be free of the office environment.

  1. Specialization

IT is a highly specialized field, so working on a contract or project basis will help you focus on improving the skills that you have worked hard to develop. Contract work allows you to work on specific tasks and goals rather than a wide range of tasks and zero in on the areas you are most interested in. You will also get the opportunity to focus on the skills and certifications that will help you build your career and choose positions that allow you to put new skills into practice.

  1. Constantly Learning

Every assignment that you have will be different. Contract work allows you to develop new skills that complement your current specialization. Working with different companies will challenge you and help you learn to adjust to different needs, as well as push you to learn more about your field. There will always be something new and different with every project you are assigned to and you never know where each client you work for might take you!

How can Tri-Starr help you? After you submit an application, Tri-Starr team members will review your information and set up an interview to discuss your employment desires, goals, and preferences. Our IT recruiters will also explore your current skills and the potential positions that may be a good fit for you. Once we have a grasp on what you are looking for, we go to work and when we think we have found a good match, we reach out to you. Your IT recruiter then assists with the application/interview process. If you secure the position, you are Tri-Starr Group will handle both your payroll etc. until the end of your assignment. Contact us here! 

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