Learn How to Embrace Change in the Workplace

  • January 22, 2021

The modern workplace is in a constant state of flux. As new technologies are developed and professional norms continue to evolve, employers must adapt by building equally dynamic workplaces 

This is often more easily said than done because implementing workplace changes can consume a great deal of money, time, and energy. However, those costs are dwarfed by those that can be incurred by a failure to change one’s workplace over time. Making changes in the workplace, in other words, is an investment strategy that can confer significant long-term advantages – both for your team and for your company’s bottom line.  

Three Tips to Help Your Team Embrace Change in the Workplace

In addition to the financial costs of implementing major changes in the workplace, there are also some logistical challenges to consider.  

To be successful, every team needs to have stability and a strong routine in the workplace. Routines make it possible for employees to streamline their day-to-day responsibilities and maximize their workplace productivity. Making a major change within the workplace will, by definition, temporarily throw some of these routines into disarray. As employers, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to help our employees adapt to workplace changes and establish new, modified routines.  

Here are three simple and effective tips that can make that process a bit easier: 

  • Focus on the positiveIf a change is sufficiently disruptive, your employees will likely become focused only on its negative aspects. As their team leader, it’s important to help them to see the big picture. As soon as a new workplace change is announced, be sure to communicate the reasons behind the change and the long-term advantages that are going to be produced as a result 
  • Listen to your employees and empathize with themEmployees and managers often have separate experiences of major workplace changes. In many cases, employees are likely to feel powerless and overwhelmed in the face of sudden change. Therefore, managers must make a conscious effort to view these changes from the perspective of their employees. This will make it much easier to build a harmonious, happy, and smoothly-functioning workplace.
  • Remember that change is a collaborative process. Never lose sight of the fact that your workforce is, first and foremost, a community. And in a true, healthy community, every member plays a vital role. That means that every single member of your team (yourself included) should contribute to the process of developing a more dynamic and flexible workplace. This collaborative process always needs to start with an open dialogue. So before you implement your next major workplace change, make sure you speak with your employees so that everyone has an opportunity to voice their concerns and their ideas. 

Learn More About Building a More Adaptable Workplace

At Tri-Starr Group, we specialize in building teams that are positioned to take on the challenges of the future. Contact our office today to learn more about how partnering with an expert recruiter can empower your workforce in the new year! 

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