Michelle Castro

Marketing Specialist

As a UTSA grad, Michelle discovered her passion for communications and marketing. Recognizing the importance of effective communication in our vast world, she wanted to channel her expertise and enthusiasm into something extraordinary. This journey led her to Tri-Starr Talent, where she found the perfect outlet for her creativity and vision.

Her talent shines brightest when she’s crafting graphic designs like flyers, logos, and social media posts. However, she’s at her best when fully immersed in the heart of the action. If there is any special event going on in San Antonio, Michelle is there! In her free time, she is always on the go planning her next vacation spot to travel to. Her goal is to explore all the beautiful places our earth has to offer. When she isn’t out traveling or shopping, you’ll likely find Michelle curled up with her feline companion, indulging in a classic 80s movie marathon.

At Tri-Starr Talent, Michelle is brimming with ideas and plans for the future. Her goal? To capture the essence of Tri-Starr in all its diverse ways. She’s always known that she wanted to align herself with an organization she could wholeheartedly advocate for, and she’s found just that in Tri-Starr.

Favorite Quote: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”. – Marilyn Monroe

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