Bonnie Vaneck

Vice President of Recruiting Operations

I have been an SA local since elementary school graduating as a proud NISD Clark Cougar who then graduated from Utah State University with a BA in Human Resource Management.  I was a very green starting at Tri-Starr in 2011 out of college and was given the opportunity to get my feet wet in my passion of Human Resources. This was a great way to do so! As VP of Recruitment Operations, I get to nerd out in my favorite areas of recruitment, human resources, operations, and developing our bada$$ staff!

Away from the office, I am an overly energetic morning person, movie buff, fast food enthusiast, and mom. I spend my time mostly with my family being a total foodie (including the great art of vodka consumption) who is constantly planning my next vacation/staycation – you can find me in SoCal, Flagstaff, or just about any new hotel in Phoenix quite frequently.  I’m not particularly gifted when it comes to hobbies, but my love language is quality time and I make the most of it with those that I love.

Favorite Quote: I have this on my wall and it’s a fairly simple outlook I have in all areas of my life – Work hard and be nice to people. Treat others well (also with accountability) but always end your days feeling accomplished and if you gave it your all!  Every problem has a solution – even if the solution is purely to learn and grow to do better next time! Also – just get sh!t done and use common sense 🙂

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