Belinda Mulligan

Staffing Assistant

With over 40 years of customer service experience within administrative support, Belinda has worked in the insurance, HVAC, and in the residential home builder industries and brings a wide variety of knowledge and expertise to her multi-faceted role. She will have been with Tri-Starr 15 years this February!

Belinda enjoys spending time with her two grandkids, taking her 4 dogs on a walk and sometimes a run.  Belinda is all about sports and is part of a drag racing team.  She enjoys everything Drag Racing!  Even traveling to attend drag racing events and getting her hands dirty when it comes to checking tire pressure, refilling fuel, or packing a parachute.   Listening to live music at local venues is always a weekend favorite.

Belinda’s worn a lot of hats with her support to the team and enjoys when she can help a candidate achieve their career goal.

Favorite quote: ”Be a positive example for someone and challenge others to do the same”

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