4 Tips For Managing Safety and Health in the Workplace

  • October 8, 2020
4 Tips For Managing Safety and Health in the Workplace - tri-starr talent

Since early 2020, businesses across the United States have been forced to temporarily stop operations or make a quick transition to a remote workforce. Now, slowly but surely, employers are beginning to initiate the process of returning to work. Of course, the fact that employees are gradually starting to return to the workplace doesn’t mean that the COVID-19 crisis is over. Over the next few months, it will be more important than ever for employees to observe a strict set of health and safety protocols. For this to be possible, their employers must understand the workplace policies that should be in place during this critical moment in history.

Four Tips for Optimizing Health and Safety in the Workplace

Through an understanding of the relevant legal codes, careful communication with employees, and diligent preparation to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the workplace, employers have the opportunity to facilitate a safe and efficient return to work.

Here are four essential health and safety tips to keep in mind as your reintroduce employees to the workplace:

  • Be sure to get your timing right. Every city, state, and county in the US has undergone a unique transformation during the pandemic. As a result, the response to the crisis has varied widely from region to region. Before you decide to bring your employees back to the workplace, make sure you research and understand the relevant return to work policies that are in place in your area.
  • Make sanitation and cleanliness easy for your employees. Strategically placing bottles of hand sanitizer and CDC handwashing instructions throughout your office will make it much easier for your employees to disinfect and clean their hands routinely.
  • Redesign your workplace with social distancing in mind. To reduce the spread of germs in the workplace, employers should make sure that all workspaces are separated by at least six feet. Also, steps should be taken to ensure that common areas (such as conference rooms and breakrooms) are occupied by no more than a few people at a time. Review these OSHA guidelines to learn more!
  • Consider reintroducing employees in phases. In many cases, employers have opted to reintroduce employees gradually back into the workplace (as opposed to all at once). This ensures that no unnecessary health risks are taken and that employees can gradually reacclimate to the new conditions of their workplace.

Learn More About Workplace Health and Safety

At Tri-Starr Group, we’re committed to maximizing workplace safety during this unprecedented moment in history. To learn more about our services and to start preparing your workforce for the return to work process, please contact our office today!


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