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IT staffing agency in Universal City.

tri-starr talent, a full-service staffing agency with over 30 years of experience, provides top talent to IT companies in Universal City. We take a collaborative approach to find best-fit candidates for your open positions, by understanding your unique needs, culture, and goals. Our recruiters use their expertise and resources to identify top talent that aligns with your requirements. We aim to make the hiring process seamless and efficient, allowing you to focus on your core business. Trust the best IT staffing agency in Universal City to drive your success.

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Industries We Serve In Universal City.

Our team has deep experience across many industries in Universal City, but we have a very extensive knowledge of the industries listed here where we can help. As a full-service staffing agency in Universal City, we help clients in various industries overcome business challenges in many ways. No matter what category your business falls under, we are able to tailor a program to meet your needs

tri-starr talent provides our job recruiter services to the following industries and more:

  • Technology & Engineering - tri-starr talent

    Technology & Engineering

    Two of the fastest growing sectors in the job market, globally. We continuously research these fields to remain subject matter experts on the recruiting needs for these industries.
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  • General & Administrative - tri-starr talent

    General & Administrative

    Our G&A database is extensive because every workplace includes a wide variety of job titles, background and skills giving you access to the best temporary, contract or direct hire candidates.
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  • Accounting and Finance - tri-starr talent

    Accounting & Finance

    In a field where attention to detail is vital we understand your ideal candidate needs work experience, software experience and the right blend of culture, team dynamic and pace of work to be successful.
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  • Sales and Marketing - tri-starr talent

    Sales & Marketing

    We deliver a comprehensive vetting process that evaluates skillset, leadership style and strategy to ensure they align with your mission, vision, and core values.
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  • Executive Search - tri-starr talent

    Executive Search

    Our expertise and knowledge allow us efficiently and effectively recruit for your C-Suite and Executive level positions. We are committed to be your hiring partner and deliver the right individual to fulfill your executive level positions. No excuses.
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  • Payroll Services - tri-starr talent

    Payroll Services

    Leverage us as the employer of record for temporary staff and we will to take care of payrolling, insurance, benefits administration, and legal responsibilities so you don’t have to.
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tri-starr talent staffing agency

Your Go To Staffing Agency in Universal City

We offer a personalized service that starts with a deep dive into each position you're looking to fill. Our team of experts goes through hundreds of resumes to find the top three IT candidates who match your requirements. We personally interview each candidate and make sure the information we provide is relevant and on point.

Here's how our process works:

  • Needs Analysis Call: We chat with you to see if we're the right fit for your IT needs in Universal City.
  • Partnership Agreement: Based on our call, we'll put together a partnership agreement to start our partnership.
  • Quality Call with Hiring Manager: We'll have a friendly call with the relevant hiring manager(s) to get a good understanding of each role, its responsibilities, and your specific needs.
  • Three Candidates: After our thorough screening and interview process, we'll present you with the top three candidates.
  • Final Steps: After all interviews are done, you'll pick the best solution for bringing your new team member on board.
tri-starr talent staffing agency

What Hiring Services We Offer for IT

  1. Direct-Hire OR Permanent Placement: We source the candidate and present them for your direct hire.
  2. Contract-to-Hire or Flexible Placement: We source, onboard, and manage the candidate for a defined period, with the option for conversion to a permanent hire at your discretion.
  3. Contract Workers or Temporary Placement: We source, onboard, and manage the candidate to fulfill a specific project or assignment.
  4. Retention Solutions: We work in collaboration with your organization to optimize the hiring process, enhance company culture, and implement strategies for improving employee retention and overall organizational culture.

what employers say

Dealing with tri-starr has been the best staffing and hiring experience I’ve had. They are constantly checking on you to see if everything is okay, and if you need anything else from them, they will go above and beyond to help you.

Manuel F.

We have been working with tri-starr for over a year. Everyone I talked to was super friendly and easy to talk to. This makes the specifications of what we were looking for in candidates easy to navigate. Best staffing agency in Universal City, hands down.

Cameron B.

This agency goes above and beyond when it comes to professionalism, responsiveness, and helping people. The job agency has a great team of people who have helped me and supported me through my hiring process and training; I am so grateful for them.

Kristen K.

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